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Which Course Is Better For You?

Select The Right Course

Select The Right Course

Which Course is better for you?

Before to chose any of the courses, you first read below and then decide that which of the courses might suit you better according to your current level of English and needs.
Spoken English
Spoken English is the best choice for you, if you fall any or more of the given below four areas:
  1. If you want to learn English from the basic level.
  2. If you want to join IELTS but your English is weak.
  3. If you are intended to learn English communication, develop presentation skills, prepare interviews and want to better understand the native English from the basic level.
  4. If you wish to develop your personality and communicate well in English environment but your English is very weak.
Then you should take Spoken English Course
IELTS is the best choice for you, if you fall any or more of the given below nine areas:

  1. If you can express your feelings in English and can write and read English well but still you want to enhance more in English.
  2. If you want to appear in British Council or AEO for the IELTS test and want to score great.
  3. If you wish to advance your English Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing skills.
  4. If you wish to carry on your education and want to get a student visa.
  5. If you want to perform great in any of the exams like C.S.S, P.C.S, I.S.S.B or in any entrance or selection exam or test.
  6. If you are in plane to attend an international meeting, deliver lecture or a presentation in an English environment.
  7. If you wish to give an excellent performance at advance level in an interview like for a visa or job etc.
  8. If you wish to have a charismatic personality.
Then IELTS is the course for you


IELTS Life Skills

Is IELTS Life Skills A1 or B1 level your choice? 

You first need to see that what visa you are applying for?

  • If you are applying to UK Visas and Immigration for a family of a settled person visa (spouse visa) then IELTS Life Skills A1 is the test for you.
  • If you are applying to UK Visas and Immigration for indefinite leave to remain or citizenship then IELTS Life Skills B1 is the right choice for you.