UCL Provides

Inspiring And Dynamic English Learning Environment



IELTS, Spoken English, IELTS Life Skills (A1 Level and B1 Level) courses, Interviews' preparation, Career counseling and more are offered at UCL Gujranwala.

UCL (best IELTS and Spoken English) strives for the quality assured intensive courses with fully learning environment which is caring, motivating and supportive, allowing students to achieve their personal and academic goals, and to become responsible global citizens.

UCL Gujranwala regularly manages FREE International Seminars on Student, Visit, Spouse, Settlement, Immigration and Job Visas. UCL offers a range of courtesy services to all the students of IELTS, Spoken English A1 and B1 Level courses.

UCL Gujranwala is always adhered to the policy to incorporate the latest language learning tools and our global experience into our class activities to help students to learn a language practically.

UCL Gujranwala is a registered purpose base built institute, established in 2002 in Gujranwala city, Punjab, Pakistan. Its state-of-the-art building has specially been constructed for the languages (IELTS, Spoken English, A1 Level and B1 Level courses). Its objectively constructed building is fully equipped with the advanced audio-visual classroom, language learning tools and media. Its highly equipped digital language classroom makes languages easy and helps students to learn and enjoy a language practically at micro and global levels.

The inspiring environment and learning tools of the classroom accelerate students for the competitive excellence.

Students come from different areas like Gujranwala, Wazirabad, Gujrat, Daska, Qila Didar Singh, Sialkot and many other plasces to take classes here at UCL Gujranwala.