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Spoken English

Spoken English

Spoken English is of 2 months intensive coaching course with daily practices. This course develops in communicative environment. A variety of audio-visual and printed materials are given to students to help them learn fast.

During the first month of the course candidates are given training about the skills mentioned below in the Basic Session:


  • Basic speaking     
  • Basic listening
  • Basic conversation
  • Daily group discussions and presentations
  • Basic level class participation and stage presentations
  • Bypass communication (creativity, grammar and articulation) 
  • Vocabulary
  • Regular class tests 

At the end of the first month a Basic Session Exam is conducted



During the second month of the course candidates pass through advance training. The training area of the advance session is given below:

  • Advance & creative speaking   
  • Advance level listening
  • Situational conversation and brain storming 
  • Advance daily group discussions, activities and stage presentations
  • Body language and personality development
  • Interviews' preparation and practices
  • International Seminars. UCL conducts special FREE International Seminars for the Spoken English students. (for the detail please see  international seminars section).

At the end of the second month two exams are conducted:

Advance Oral Exam and Interview Exam are conducted